Anwer Ghani
Physician, Poet, Editor, Publisher, Artist

 Religiuos scholar and Author
The President of Inventives Cloud
Email: Anweralmosewi1@gmail.com
Website: anwerghaniwriting.blogspot.com

Iraq- Hilla

Anwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet and writer. He was born in 1973 in Alhilla city. His name had appeared in Adelaide, Zarf, Peacock, Otoliths, Algebra of Owls, and others. And also had appeared in Inner Child Press anthology "The Year Of The Poet". Anwer Ghani is the chief editor of "Tajdeed" literary magazine. Recently, he published his debut book in English " The Narratolyris Writing" (Smashwords 2017). He had, in Arabic, forty books in literature and religious sciences. He is the founder of "Tajdeed Literary Institute (TLI)" and the annual "Tajdeed" Prize for expressive narrative.He obtained the certificate of achievement from Stratford University and K K Modi Institute in 2017.

Here is his website: https://anwerghaniwriting.blogspot.com
Amazon: amazon.com/author/anwerghani

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Medical CV

Consultant physician and the chief of the dialysis unite in Al-Sadiq hospital in Hilla (2016-)

Supervisor of ICD-10 implementation in Merjan hospital (2014-).

Clinical Nephrologist in The center of Kidney transplantation in Annajaf (2007-2010)

MBChB (Kufa university ) ; Iraq , 1997

FIBM (Baghdad ); Iraq , 2004

Training on kidney transplantation in "Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital"; India 2007.

Training on Stem cell therapy ( SCT) in "Civil Teaching Hospital"; India 2007.

Degree of consultant physician in 2015.

Ministral course on ICD-10 implementation 2015 .


Eight medical researches published in scientific medical journals in Iraq.

Religious CV

Anwer Ghani is an Islamic scholar and religious specialist in Al-Fiqh sciences with independency in approaching Al-hadith.

Most of his teaching had been digital and he joined Annajaf holding for religious science for many years.

Anwer Ghani adopted ( Al- Mohaddethin’) approaches in Al-hadith sciences.

Editing CV

Anwer Ghani established (Arcs) magazine in 2017, which is an annual expressive narrative’s magazine.

He established (Tajdeed) magazine in 2017, which is an annual literary magazine.

The Editor of Alharf English Literary quarterly journal.

He established ( تجديد )/ tajdeed/ magazine in 2015, which is an annual narrative’s poetry magazine in Arabic.

He established ( الأدب المعاصر) /aladabalmoasir/ in 2015 which is an annual literary magazine in Arabic.

He established (أقواس الشعر ) /aquasulshaer/ in 2016 which is a quarterly expressive narrative’s magazine in Arabic.

He established Alharf English Literary magazine since February 2017


In 2017, Anwer found Inventives Cloud store for .digital publishing of books and art.

In  2017, Anwer started the digital art on photos, so he call " The digital artography.


Website: https://anwerghaniwriting.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html.
Amazon: amazon.com/author/anwerghani
Email: anweralmosewi1@gmail.com
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/DrAnwerGhani
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Anwer_Ghani73
Postal code : Iraq- Hilla 51001 - Babylon PO Box 396.