The Brown Urchin

When he saw me  he smiled ,that brown urchin ,  I was surprised , I didn't expect this clarity from him . you know the brown things are deep .
He was an adept fishmonger . He have a silver net, inherited it  from his old grandfathers . But he told me that he did not like fish , and all what he do is painting the fish with silver , then he casts  it to the other bank of the  river  , where the sun falls .He likes the sunset , and likes sun . He told me that the sun at sunset , reaches the river , and catches  the fish as a bear .
He entered me in his thriving house , it was a burrow  , what a cold burrow was it ? the dust is moist , he has a warmhearted neighborhoods . they were smooth like the lemon leafs  . he set me on an old table  , made from the hoopoe bones , he was  a good bewitching . He had a wife and children , they are bewitchings also .
At first they mock at me , because I wear  a shining clothes . They say to me , be  brown and deep , after that they alienated me to a silver fish with elegant wings  , then they throw me to the other bank , where the sunset .  I was happy , although I don’t like the fish , nor the sunset . Yes , for many times I had dream that I fly in a strange space , but it did not occur to me  that I will be - in someday – a silver meal to the sun .